Our Programs

Professional program staff partner with the medical and volunteer staff to create a fun-filled and medically supervised camp experience. Campers also benefit from having young adult bunk counselors who have grown up with their own heart conditions.

We have programs for three age groups. The goal is for our campers to discover that together they can accomplish anything. All activities are cooperative, scaled to accommodate varying physical abilities, and encourage group participation and team building.

Youth Program

Ages 8-12

The youth program is our original program founded in 2003. It is an exciting theme-based program where campers must complete missions to solve a mystery. Campers use teamwork to solve clues and gain a sense of accomplishment while engaging in physical activities tailored to all levels of abilities. The program could include activities such as guided sensory night hikes, nature walks, craft activities, free time on the field or courts, and a magnificent ceremonial campfire!

Bandana bros

Teen Program

Ages 13-15

The Teen program was founded in 2008, to build on the success of our Youth Program. Campers are guided through fun adventures and experiences to create a supportive community, discover and develop leadership skills, and create a positive sense of self.

Blindfolded group